Saturday, September 20, 2008

Not Just a Slogan

What can you do to reach your dreams? Do it. Of course you are planning and doing a lot of thinking and plotting. But, people who do get things done. Repetitive? Yes. You have think, how does half the crap get made?

Cable has close to 200 channels. That is 200 places that run programming 24/7 365 and as you know it is not great. I personally only like 5 shows on network tv. So, how does this crap get made? People make it. They go out and do.

An idea will always be in your head. Get something done to show people. It may not be your opus but some people can see through the cost restraints to the soul just like hearing a crappy recording of a talented singer/songwriter. It isn't polished but you know thiey are going to be good. So, do like Joe and make something.