Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Giving Thanks, Blogging, AdSense, and Film?

One of the great tools offered to anyone that has a blog is google AdSense. Anyone anywhere can get some benefit from modern marketing. I blog about media, movies, film production. I get to talk about what I like. It's fun and informative to others. So, how does one benefit?

Visitors click on sponsored ads on the blog or website and the publisher gets a few cents from the clicks.

Can you do this? Sure. Just have a subject you like to talk about and try to be niche. But, as one of the blogs I like, LeShock Value, you can hit on a little bit of everything. To start one you can go to www.blogger.com and join blogging sites such as http://largeassmovieblogs.blogspot.com/

So, Thanks for visiting. Have a look around feel free to comment.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving here are the top five films associated with Turkyday.

5. Pieces of April
4. Dutch
3. For Your Consideration
2. Hannah and Her Sisters
1. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Skinny On Shorts

If you read this blog you already know my take on short films, but, if you are going to make one... Make It Short!

In my youtubeing I have found countless "one trick pony's" that have no clue when to quit. I know that most people are amatures on the tube but if you are going to make something for the web, less is more.

Two minutes or less. You can even go two and a half but no more. Get in, do your thing and get out. You don't want to hang around after a prostate exam and some of these shorts are a pain in the ass.

If you are making a comedy, make it funny. A thriller, make me jump. A drama, have emotion. I know that these are crazy things to ask but achieve your objective.

And yes you can do it in two minutes. I found this in five minutes of youtube searching.

Simple and effective. One concept, executed.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This movie sucks?

Apparently Twilight a big thing. From what I gather this movie based on a successful book series that young girls and their mom's like. So why should I care? More over why should you care?

The story revolves around a Vampire that becomes protective over a teen girl that other Vampires want to eat. That's about it. I'm sure people will tell me I'm off base but I can not see this being good in any way. That last good Vampire flick was The Lost Boys everything else has been moving light and I don't expect much from this Twilight except that it may be dimmer then the rest.

If middle aged women want to fantasize about undead men sucking and eating them. They should take a look at the zombie that sleeps next to them for that cheap thrill.

As for the young girls...wait a few years and continue to read your goosebumps.

Middle aged women and teen girls are notorious for wasteful spending but this demographics judgement on the quality literature and entertainment have been abysmal. They are the same people that keep Paris Hilton a house hold name and can't get enough of TMZ.

So in "honor" of the latest installment, I give you five Vampire flicks you should see.

5. Blade
4. The Lost Boys
3. Interview With a Vampire
2. Dracula (1992)
1. Nosferatu

Thursday, November 6, 2008

D.C. Flick

With politics being on many peoples minds these days, I started to think about political movies. There have been many. From moving optimistic nostalgia to glossy "comic" groaners, Washington has as many insider movies as Hollywood (thank you Arron Sorkin). The following are ten hits and three misses made in the name of the U.S. political game.

Must See:

10. Wag The Dog - Media and politics are inseparable. This comic gem has a sobering message about perception and manipulation.

9. Dave - The synopsis may make you roll your eyes. A man who looks like the president actually becomes president. But, it's execution exceeds expectations.

8. The Contender - One of the better political thrillers in recent memory. That's all I want to say. just see it.

7. Charlie Wilson's War - Worth it if only to see Philip Seymour Hoffman.

6. Why We Fight - A worth while documentary on the political machine.

5. John Adams - A great mini-series on the founding of our county ( I know not a "movie" but it must be seen.)

4. All the Presidents Men - Investigative journalists deal with the dark side of politics and brings down a presidency. Oh, yeah it's true.

3. 13 Days - One of my favorites. It's hard to find another movie that shows different political agendas with such conviction.

2. Dr. Strangelove - One of the greatest satires ever made.

1. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - If you believe in hope and pure ideals you need to see this movie. Think of it as soap for the political soul.

Avoid for your own sanity:

3. Head of State - What the F*%&? No. Not funny not even socially aware.

2. The Distinguished Gentleman - Eddie doesn't even accidentally get it right.

1. 1776 - Politics + Musical = Pain
Happy Birthday Kristie!