Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's V-Day

With all the love in the air it's time to recap some of the most romantic flicks. I normally would stay away from the topic but I got in a discussion yesterday over what I feel is a great film.

The opposition did not think it was as great and it happened to be my No. 1 romantic film as well.

I will apologise in advance to the females out there, "Pretty Woman" did not make the list.

10. Sleepless in Seattle

9. Atonement

8. Annie Hall

7. The Princess Bride

6. Say Anything

5. Moulin Rouge

4. Amelie

3. Titanic

2. When Harry Met Sally

1. Casablanca

So there you have it. It may be a little commercial and some may move up or down a spot, but I'm sticking with my No. 1.