Monday, December 1, 2008

The December Greed

Well here we are. Officially in December and we are in a recession (for real now), transition in government power, and a war. We need Christmas more this year then most. But that is not for a few more weeks. So, we get the joy of spreading out the credit cards to buy crap for others that they really don't need.

I know there has been countless movies on the true meaning of Christmas (List later this month) but some how we keep forgetting. We still go beyond our means to buy a bread maker for Aunt Sue(who will only use it once). What is the solution...I don't know. I like getting stuff for people. And I feel like a heel if I don't get anything for others.

Maybe make a pact with your family not to by anything for each other. Those over 16 that is; you can't really explain to your 5 year old niece that Christmas is not happening this year cause of a national recession, they won't get it. So, while money is on the brain I leave you with the top 5 movies about greed.

5. Blood Diamond
4. Spirited Away
3. Enron: The smartest guy in the room
2. There will be Blood
1. Wall Street

Happy Shopping

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