Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oscar Time

Well I have been on a blog hiatus but thanks to the academy I'm back. Most everyone in the movie world is giving their opinion on who got snubbd and who got it right. But, that is not gonna happen least not yet.

Most people speak as athorities on the subject and have only seen half the nominated films. To those people...shuit up. And, with all due respect, the best actor catagories are some of the least important of the whole awards. I due recognize that they due play a vital role but the media foucse on them too much. When will they start to recognize cinematography as an above the line award. that goes for best original score as well.

I guess I'm not at the point yet where I can pick what film is going to win for what... I'm stuck at the point where people are falling over themselves to talk about who should get what while generally forgetting about little catagories like "best original screenplay."

I will returen to give you my picks (After I finish seeing all the films) so for now, think of the last film you saw and ask did the film make you feel and why. The answers will hopfully surprise you.


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The Oscars are nothing more than a show that distracts us from the art of cinema.

I'd love to see them and Hollywood be outlawed.