Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Obligatory Christmas List

Tis the season to rank and file the holiday flicks. You know it's what number on is...I hope you do. But for the fun it we will list the 10 you should see this yule tide time around. So, skip on the latest theatre offering and stick to the staples. And here...we...go.

10. Muppet Christmas Carol - Patrick Stewart does a good scrooge, plus Rizzo and Gonso...you can't go wrong.
9. Home Alone - AAAAAAHHHHHHH.
8. The Santa Clause - Really good family fun.
7. Elf - The last good Christmas movie.
6. Christmas Vacation - Jam of the month club.
5. Miracle on 34th Street - Classic
5.5 Love Actually - All you need is love.
4. Meet John Doe - Timely, now more then ever.
3. Die Hard - Yippy Kay Yay.
2. A Christmas Story - You'll shoot your eye out.
1. It's A Wonderful Life - you know it's true

Have a great holiday and share it with someone you love.

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elgartcalago said...

Home Alone and Die Hard is the best!