Monday, July 7, 2008

Another Media Blog

Wow. Another blog on media. Well, hopefully not just the run of the mill blog. By now we are use to the bitch fest surrounding the creative mulit-media arena and why not? It is fun and easy to say whats wrong with everything we see, read, hear, and otherwise mind digest.

We are a worldwide society of critics. We want nothing but the best for our mental pleasure. As we like to be filled by a good meal we yearn the same for our intellect. Let us start with the basic cornerstone of philosophy, why?

I can posture the ease of information and multitude of outlets for creative works literally at our finger tips but I will not. I instead will retort with an equally academic answer, why not?

Like any other physical attributes we all have opinions. Good, bad, or otherwise we all have the right to be wrong. You are wrong with all your opinions. Everything you like is wrong. That is if you read enough blogs. You will be told you don't know what you like and everyone else is smarter than you. I know I'm correct with saying this because I'm not you.

So, hold on and get ready. I expect soon that a vast majority will disagree with my views and a few actually will agree with my assertions. I hope to hear from both sides. See you soon in a world of anonymity and savageness. Too much, too soon? Who cares?

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