Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Dark Knight and Imax

What is the deal with showing features on Imax? The last movie I saw on Imax was "I Am Legend." It was a disappointment on many levels but most notably the size. There was no change in aspect or, as I could see, in print quality from a 35mm print.

Why get conned by a marketing ploy. I know people are not going to the movies as much as they have in the past. Many people would rather wait and experience the latest blockbuster in their own home theater with blu-ray, HDTV, and 7.1 surround sound. We do love our entertainment.

This brings me to my point. The best part of the "I Am Legend" Imax experience wasn't the movie, it was the trailer or the 7 minute clip from "The Dark Knight." All the action sequences were shot with Imax cameras. If you saw it you know where I'm going. See this movie in Imax.

That's right, see this movie in Imax. I think 16x9 is the best aspect for all visual media, sorry Mr. Kubrick. But, from what I saw, this film will be best received at the very largest of scale. I am not looking forward to the change of aspect but this will be a cultural touchstone to be sure.

So leave your cozy dwelling ad head to your local Imax, wait in line, feel the buzz, and enjoy. You can skip the $12 popcorn and soda "deal."

The Dark Knight 1966 Style

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Alan Bacchus said...

There is no gimmick here. Unlike other films which have been projected in IMAX, like I am Legend, portions of The Dark Knight were actually filmed in IMAX. So it's not a blow-up. You are watching a true IMAX image, with much more clarity and detail of 35mm. All the action scenes are shot and presented in full IMAX. The screen ratio changes throughout the film to accomodate. It's an amazing experience.
No other feature length dramatic film has been made this way.