Thursday, July 31, 2008

Don't Draw Your Storyboards

If you are not a good sketcher and do not have the money to hire a good sketcher do not draw your storyboards. I didn't say do not storyboard. I said do not DRAW your storyboard.

Most likely you are not doing complicated green screen shoots or a lot of mattes so there really is not a point in wasting your time, effort, and more time on stick figure drawings that only make sense to you.

Storyboards are a way to get everyone on the same page. From the camera crew to the actors to the grips one simple picture can get your vision.

Storyboard with a digital camera. If you don't have one you know someone who has a camera you can borrow or buy a cheap one. I know someone that just picked up a camera for 20 bucks.

Most likely you have access to your locations. Go there with a couple stand-ins and shoot your shots. The camera allows you to be more dynamic and true to form of the look of the project. Dedicate a flash card for all your shots and between each scene shoot a title card (Just something hand written) to put a visual brake between each sequence.

These can also be e-mailed to different people in the production so when they get on set they know exactly what is going to happen. This will also ensure a smooth day of shooting that will result in everyone loving you.

The best way to get people to work for you is to have your act together. and prepping for your pre-production will help.



I like this idea. I plan on shooting the locations, editing the stills with stand-ins in a time line, and converting it to an Mp4 so I can play the sequence on my ipod on the set to give the actors a feel for the scene.

PS. Scorsese draws stick figures for his DP.

PSS. You've been tagged.

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Genna said...

Are you writing a book?