Saturday, July 19, 2008

Financial Responsibility And Your Film

I Know that some of you care about the story and artistic merit of your upcoming film project and that is great. You should think about that but you are also running a small business for a few months.

Many people think that making a film is something that they can only do only after they win the lottery. Money isn't something that you acquire, it's more liquid. You can't hold on to it. By it's nature it changes hands. It comes and goes. The best you can do is direct its flow to your project.

It's hard to save money. That's why people offer payment plans. It's easier to pay $100 dollars a month then $400 every four months. Why? You get paid by your employer and you direct that pay to your financial obligations. People hold on to a small amount from what they actually get from their job.

I know, you know all this. It's hard to save money. So, how are you going to make your film? Financial responsibility! Exciting huh? The least appealing part of film making but probably the most important. If the dollars add up that's when "Big Mama's House" gets made.

Most of you don't want to make b or c-movies but they are always being made. Why? Financially they make sense. They work at the most basic level. They make money.

Most people don't get into films for the money but that doesn't mean you have to starve either. Evey production is different but there is a few things you can do to help your success.

Make a budget and stick to it- this is the most important part. This budget is what you will have to pay or payback. Don't lose your car for your film. You need that car to get to your job (that pays).

Find a Credit Card - get a new credit card at 0%. This most likely will last a year. You will not have to pay an interest and this will spread out your payments. Remember it's easier then paying it all up front.

Get people to believe in your project - It's hard to get people to believe in your project but it will be worth it. Not only will theses people donate (time, money, food, etc.) they will be a small marketing team.

Remember if you make the film for $2,500. You only need 250 people to see your film and spend $10 to break even. Sound like a lot, but it's not. If you get 25 people involved in your film and they get 10 people each, your set. (It's all about the numbers).

Oh yeah, Stick to your budget. Good Luck.


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