Saturday, October 18, 2008

What Is Next?

You Tube. Blu-Ray. On-Demand lifestyle.

You don't know what you want. But, you can get it anytime.

Is too much choice a bad thing or is it what makes us consumers? Why is it that we need Blu-Ray and 1080i broadcast to see a 1926 Buster Keaton flick? Will quality bow to convenience? Instant gratification is what everyone wants. Or is it?

What ever happened to anticipation. The build up. The excitement that surrounded media. People use to go to the theatre to see a movie that only played three times a day. Now that same movie is in a warehouse theatre playing every fifteen minutes. Am I nostalgic? Maybe. Would I give up DVR tech. Not on your life.

I like that modern times allows me more freedom in my media life. This also means I don't have to schedule anything. I can record everything or at least find it on the Internet soon after. I miss that "specialness." That surrounds your entertainment of choice.
Do I need to see my local news in High Def? No. But I won't watch it any other way.
So, what am I getting at? High def, on-demand, instantaneous is great. You can watch the TV Show online the next day (or later that same night. But, you will lose your anticipation, that only an "event" can bring. Something that happens at one time and if you miss it, it's gone. You need to make a conscious choice to view or not view. Life is going way of the afterthought and last minute prep.
So, what is next? They are already starting to release movies at the same time on DVD, On-Demand, and Theatre. Ala "Bubble." So how much are you willing to "Lose?" I don't need to drop 40 bucks on two tickets, popcorn and a soda, when I can see the same presentation on my 46 LCD with 5.1 surround. For the comfort and price it is just a better choice.
So say so-long to the traditional date night.

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