Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Horror of Horror

I know may people like scary movies but most are so bad you cant even laugh at them. This is the weakest of the genres. It isn't that I can't enjoy one of theses film, I loved The Exorcist. But the volume of crap that passes as a movie usually come from the slasher flick.

Am I being harsh? Yes. But please people don't go see these movies. Do we need Saw 6 or Jason vs Freddie 2 or Friday the 13th 13: (This time it's personal)? Com'on!

These series ruin the good movies that came before and not want me take a chance on anything "new" coming out. So, this Halloween curl up with a classic. You can't go wrong with Psycho. Oh wait, it has a great plot and characters that have depth, you can't have that. I'm sure you can rent House on Hunted Hill and it's in color.



The original black & white HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL is awesome!

Genna said...

I like the pumpkin. Scary movies scare me, it doesn't matter how bad they are

media-shy said...

scary or not, bad is bad.